The Ultimate Teen Toolkit

Ultimate Teen Tool Kit

This program developed by Beloved Yoga can be offered in privates sessions, 5 week or 10 week programs. 

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Dates: On-Going

This program was developed by Beloved Yoga in 2018. We have offered it over 6 times and are currently a launching a new updated version of it reflecting the current science on how important it is to get tools to our young people.

Our current Global Pandemic has imprinted this generation. They can rise from this more resilient then ever. They will need tools to do so. Progress and growth do not occur just with the passing of time. There is intentional learning that needs to occur. We hope that this program will be one of many tools that a teen can access to be empowered to turn towards themselves, more then to substances to find their calm inner peace. 

Each session in our program is 60 minutes long. We offer time for conversation that highlights a specific guiding principle and breath/mind/body tools and a 30 min yoga practice with a closing dialogue.

Main objectives: 

1. Learn that our bodies and minds can work together to manage stress by calming the nervous system.

2. Practice skills to strengthen and relax our bodies and minds.

3. Increase our ability to focus attention and concentrate on present moments and tasks.

4. Build acceptance and appreciation of ourselves and others.

5. Offer safe space for discussion and digestion.

Sessions are led by teachers with expertise in working with teens!

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