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Ayurveda translates into English as the knowledge of life, and is a sister science to Yoga. It is the science and practice of living in harmony with the universe, the seasons, nature, and yourself, in order to achieve and maintain quality health and sustained well-being. It also prescribes the most effective ways to proactively prevent ill-health and build immunity by instructing you how to live a balanced lifestyle, to become more in tune with nature and her cycles, and to create dramatic shifts in your overall well being.

Ayurveda is a 100% natural healing science designed to bring us back in sync with ourselves. The methods are restorative, rejuvenating, and blissfully relaxing. They include unique, ancient treatments such as shirodhara, and marma; relaxation techniques, self-care guidance, and a seasonal cleansing called panchakarma. You can return to having abundant energy, better sleep, and a more peaceful life while continuing with your daily responsibilities.

As part of the Ayurveda offering at Beloved Yoga, there are several educational opportunities. The Level I and Level II trainings (Ayurveda Immersion and Ayurveda Foundations) are offered three times a year. In these trainings, you will learn why Ayurveda has the most comprehensive knowledge of health and come away with an understanding of how you can support your own healing and growth with Ayurveda’s multimodality approach to creating optimal health. The courses are open to everyone, and no health or yoga background is needed. The trainings present a unique learning opportunity to yoga teachers, health coaches, or anyone considering a broader, more committed study in Ayurveda.

Additionally, you can experience Ayurvedic self-care during a day retreat with Ileana. Through one-on-one instruction or small group sessions, you will learn and practice some of the

ancient guidelines of Ayurveda through food, movement, stretching, breathing, meditation, and a Marma session.


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