Restore Your Prana with Robin Rothenberg

Restore Your Prana with Robin Rothenberg

The workshop will be held online - live-streaming on Zoom.
$250 for the full weekend

10 CEUs

Please note the updated hours: 11:30 am - 6:30 pm EST / 8:30 am - 3:30 pm PST

Plan to have the following:

  • props to sit comfortably for periods of time; a chair is an option
  • a block
  • 2-3 blankets
  • a clear wall to work with

Prana is the animating life force that supports and sustains us - akin to the concept ‘chi’ or ‘qi’. According to yoga and ayurvedic teachings, it is the healthy flow of prana that regulates emotions, circulation, digestion, and even immunity. When our prana is leaking, we are more prone to allergies, anxiety, depression, brain fog, congestion, and sleep disruption. We may even experience more pain in our bodies!

Mastering the flow of prana is paramount to the practice of yoga - and the key to the mastery of prana lies in the regulation of the breath. This is often held out as the purview of only a select, enlightened few. However, Robin has researched the scientific basis of these ancient principles of prana and brings forward Western scientific studies and practices that validate and replicate the Vedic teachings. She offers them in readily accessible ways to help us regular folk experience the healing potency of the breath.

In this workshop you will learn:

  • The difference between functional and dysfunctional breathing patterns
  • Why the practice of deep breathing may do more harm than good in the long-run
  • How the respiratory system can uniquely be harnessed to promote health
  • Breathing techniques that support structural integrity and stability
  • Why learning to breathe less is the essence of pranayama

Best of all, you will learn simple, daily breathing practices that will immediately promote better sleep, aid digestion, support clarity of mind, and a sense of calm. This course is both educational and experiential. It is guaranteed to transform the way you experience the breath forever!

Hours each day: 11:30 am - 6:30 pm EST or 8:30 am - 3:30 pm PST (includes 15-minute breaks and 1.5-hour lunch break)

Saturday, May 16

Biochemistry of the breath and related practice

The diaphragm, the breath and our physiologic health

Sunday, May 16

The biomechanics of breathing: the diaphragm as a core stabilizer

 An integrative practice pulling all the pieces together.

Robin Rothenberg, C-IAYT and author of Restoring Prana: A Therapeutic Guide to Pranayama and Healing Through the Breath runs an IAYT Accredited Yoga Therapy program outside Seattle, Washington. Highly involved in yoga research, Robin has taught therapeutic yoga programs for over 30 years and is a regular presenter on YogaU Online. She served on the IAYT Accreditation Committee and is also the author of The Essential Low Back Program: Relieve Pain, Restore Health.

Based on her newly published book, Restoring Prana: A Therapeutic Guide to Pranayama and Healing Through the Breath, this workshop offers you the means to restore your health and to guide your students and clients to do the same. This course is available for YA CE Credits and will cover the pre-requisite requirements for the Restore Your Prana Online Certification Program for yoga teachers and therapists.

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Restore Your Prana with Robin Rothenberg
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