Prenatal Open House

Prenatal Open House

Embrace your journey of pregnancy with your partner and the Beloved community of mothers. Each open house is an invitation to slow down, listen and learn more about your unique experience of pregnancy. Our theme for this session will be NOURISHING and we will feature the expertise of our Beloved Yoga teachers who will highlight ways to connect with your body and baby in new ways. Our topics will include Ayurvedic Balance, Self-Massage, Herbal Wisdom, Partner Yoga, and a Doula Q&A.

Join us for a unique morning of self-care and nourishment. Bring your partner and/or birth support/friend. All are welcome! 

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Schedule of Sessions:

10:00 AM Welcome & Introductions
Birth partners and friends are warmly welcomed to attend all sessions.

10:10 AM Ayurvedic Balance - Ileana Gonzales (30 mins.)
Ileana is a certified Ayurvedic practitioner with insights into health, balance and habits throughout all life cycles.  

10:45 AM Self-Massage for Pregnancy - Rudi Rudolph (30 mins.)
Rudi is a licensed massage therapist with a compassionate touch and experience working with pregnant and postpartum mothers, including baby massage.

11:20 AM Herbal Wisdom - Aly MacLatchy (30 mins.)
Aly is an herbalist and yoga teacher on Beloved Yoga’s prenatal yoga team. She believes in the deep healing inherent in connecting to nature and the medicines of the earth. 

11:55 AM Ask the Doula - Laura Tashjian (30 mins.)
Laura is a certified birth doula, lactation counselor, midwife assistant and yoga teacher who believes in the profoundly transformative power of the birth experience.  

12:30 PM Partner Yoga - Vasanthi Srinivasan & Minjung Seo (1 hr.)
Vasanthi is a certified yoga therapist and teacher who believes in the power and wisdom within oneself. She works to empower and support Beloved Yoga’s Children’s & Prenatal programs. 

Minjung’s warmth and radiance is felt as a teacher of Beloved Yoga’s Prenatal Yoga and Baby & Me classes. She is a Prenatal Yoga and 500hr certified teacher who supports women throughout the birth journey.

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