Entering the Sublime: A Live Music Kundalini Yoga Experience

Entering the Sublime: A Live Music Kundalini Yoga Experience

Taught by Jai Dev Singh, live music by SIMRIT

Sunday March 24, 2019, 6 - 8:30pm


It is the wonderful work of every human being to arouse the sublime experience from deep within the center of their existence. Pleasures and pains are easy to come by. Ups and downs will forever continue. The sublime bliss of dharma, that which transcends both pleasures and pains, is the true treasure of human life. This is the essence of the ancient technology known as Kundalini Yoga.

Through powerful yogic exercises, transporting meditation techniques, and the teachings of a real dharma, any ordinary human being can experience their infinite nature. We can transform depression into devotion, anger into intelligence, and anxiousness into deep trust.

These are the conditions that produce true bliss... happiness that won't wax and wane depending on the ups and downs of life. Rather, the mind is filled with meaning and purpose. The body is filled with vitality and vigor. The heart overflows with sweet devotion.

Join us for an extraordinary Kundalini Yoga experience set to the intoxicating live music of Simrit and her entire band!

From bird song and the sighing of trees,

From shafts of light and from the sky itself,

May living beings, each and every one,

Perceive the constant sound of Dharma.



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