Stephanie Baird

At the start, Yoga was a purely physical practice for Stephanie. It wasn't until she found Beloved Yoga in 2009 that she began to know the full depth of the practice. She completed her 200HR teacher training at Beloved in 2016. She mentored with Alyson MacLatchy and discovered the joy of sharing her Yoga practice with fellow practitioners. Maryam Ovissi continues to be a major influence on her teaching style and an inspiration in general.

Stephanie teaches a strenuous flow style of Yoga where the focus is on aligning breath with slow movements, holding asanas and moving with awareness. She truly believes that there is a Yoga class that will suit every person and that Yoga can help each practitioner find the tools they need to live in harmony with their body, their mind and their emotions. She often counsels practitioners to try multiple styles of Yoga until they find the one that resonates deeply in them.

Yoga is not a practice for the flexible, it is a practice to gain flexibility in the body and resiliency in the mind.

Stephanie also loves exploring the world with her family through travel, food, hiking, books and film.

Stephanie Baird's Upcoming Classes

Tuesday - January 26, 2021 / EST
Tuesday 1/26/2021
9:30 am - 10:45 am

Stephanie Baird
Reston (Samadhi 1)
Thursday - January 28, 2021 / EST
Gentle Yoga
Thursday 1/28/2021
10:00 am - 11:00 am

Stephanie Baird
Reston (Online)