Sanderijn Batelaan

Sanderijn fell in love with yoga at her very first class at the Reston YMCA taught by Devra Kudeviz. What was to be a six week session turned into a nineteen  year obsession. In October of 2005 when there was a scheduling snafu, she came forward to teach and became enthralled  by being on the other side. She immediately enrolled in the Health Advantage 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training with Doug Keller. Since then she studied with Maryam Ovissi for an additional 300 hours, and finally finished Beloved’s 800 hour Yoga Therapeutic Training in 2014. Sanderijn loves to teach yoga in a way that is grounding and relaxing and she does not take herself too seriously. It is important to her that students feel safe, have fun, and not feel that they have to have a bendy body or fancy yoga pants in order to get the full benefits of the practice. Relax, it’s just yoga!

Sanderijn Batelaan's Upcoming Classes

Sunday - August 04, 2019
Beginners Yoga
Sunday 8/4/2019
11:00 am - 12:15 pm

Reston (Samadhi 1)
Sanderijn Batelaan