Yoga Sutras Online Study: Chapter/Pade 2: Sadhana

Yoga Sutras Online Study: Chapter/Pade 2: Sadhana

Join Maryam Ovissi and Susan Knoblauch as they continue the journey into Pade 2 of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. Pade 2 is titled Sadhana. Sadhana refers to personal practice for attaining this state of absorption of peaceful clarity. The 8-limbed path and the "must-have" tool of Kriya Yoga are found in this practice. 

We will feature some guest teachers this 6-week series! Join us for one or all of them. 1 CEU per session (YA/IAYT)

Week 1, May 20: Kriya Yoga & the Kleshas 2.1 - 2.11

Week 2, May 27: Viveka 2.15, 2.25 & 2.26

Week 3, June 3: Pratipaksa bhavnam (2.33); Yamas/Niyamas - Ashtanga/8-Limbed Path (part 1)- Jamilee Guest Presenter

Week 4, June10: Asana - Ashtanga (part 2) 

Week 5, June 17: Pranayama- Ashtanga (part 3)

Week 6, June 24: Pratyahara- Ashtanga (part 4)- Yuki Riley Guest Presenter

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