Plant Spirit Yoga

Plant Spirit Yoga

A four-week series with Aly Maclatchy

Let's dance in the magic of autumn with 4 plant spirit yoga practices. These practices are designed as invitations to embody the wisdom and medicine of plants without needing any previous knowledge of or experience with them. We will begin aligning with the initiatory magic of mugwort, practice the earthy ground of valerian root, tonify our immunity with astragalus root, and feed on the potent nutrition of rosehips. These 4 plants will support our understanding of how to balance the energy of the autumn season through our practices. The asana will range from challenging to restorative - all intentionally and experientially formulated. 

October 31 - Celebrating Samhain with the Magic of Mugwort

November 7 - Rooting to Rest with Valerian Root

November 14 - Tonifying our Immune System with Astragalus Root

November 21 - Nourishing our Vitality with Rosehips

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