Exploring Total Health with Ayurveda, Part I

Exploring Total Health with Ayurveda, Part I

A Journey of Mind, Body and Spirit

A revolution is shaking up the healthcare industry. You care about your health, and that of your loved ones, so it’s time to wake up and join the revolution!

Why should you learn more about the ancient Indian science of Ayurveda? Ayurveda means the 'knowledge of life', and is a sister science to Yoga. It is the science and practice of living in harmony with the universe, the seasons, nature, and yourself, in order to achieve and maintain quality health and sustained wellbeing. Ayurveda and Yoga may be thousands of years old, but our planet needs it now more than ever.

Ayurveda gives you natural and powerful solutions to your health challenges, and it also prescribes the most effective ways to actively prevent ill-health and build immunity. Ayurveda instructs you how to live a balanced lifestyle, to become more in tune with nature and her cycles, and to create dramatic shifts in your overall well-being. If you have an interest in wellness, becoming a healer, or you just want to improve your own health, Ayurveda provides sustainable solutions.

What will you learn in the Ayurveda Immersion and Foundations courses? In this course, you will learn why Ayurveda has the most comprehensive knowledge of nutritional health, lifestyle guidelines, and dietary principles that affect healing at physical, mental and spiritual levels, and for different types of people. You will come away with an understanding of how you can support your own healing and growth with Ayurveda’s multi-layered approach to creating total health (“svastha” in sanskrit). We will explore why Ayurveda is emerging as one of the most important global systems of mind-body medicine, by revealing how to understand the language of nature, and how to live in harmony with the greater universe.

The courses are open to everyone, no health or yoga background is needed. The courses present a unique learning opportunity to RYTs, YTTs, health coaches, or anyone considering a broader, more committed study in Ayurveda. You can take each part alone, but Part I is a pre-requisite for Part II.

Ileana Gonzales is Beloved Yoga's resident Ayurvedic practitioner. She received traditional gurukula-style training in India, including clinical studies with Dr. Vasant Lad in Pune, and Panchakarma therapeutics at Arsha Vidya Peetam Trust in Coimbatore.



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