Baby & Me (6 weeks – walkers)

Baby & Me (6 weeks – walkers)

Baby & Me Yoga is a class designed to give parents or caregivers the opportunity to have a yoga practice with their baby (6 weeks to almost walking) right by their side. We will take some time for ourselves, then connect with our baby by moving through postures to do with baby, followed by some baby-specific yoga postures designed to help their digestion, sleep and healthy growth. Do not worry if your baby cries or needs to be nursed. We encourage and support you to nurture your little one. Join other parents and find support in commUNITY.

SUMMER SCHEDULE VARIES: Please be sure to check the weekly schedule.

• Classes run on a weekly basis (weekday and weekend!). Class passes or our special Baby & Me Drop In at only $18 can be applied.

• If your baby happens to nap during class, we will simply tend towards your needs as a parent. Go with the flow is the mantra here.

View a sample Baby & Me Yoga Class Video here:


11109 Sunset Hills Rd, Reston, VA 20190